Cowan: Greene should return company’s PPP loan

In Sunday’s Atlanta Press Club debate, Trump Republican John Cowan asked Marjorie Taylor Greene to return the $350,000 her company received from Payroll Protection Program, arguing that construction was deemed an essential industry that wasn’t shut down by government order.

“Marjorie Taylor Greene has put nearly $1 million into her campaign, including $200,000 that she put in after receiving up to $350,000 in PPP loans for her company,” said Spencer Hogg, Cowan’s campaign manager. “She says she’s a fiscal conservative, she said last week that she opposed additional emergency funding for businesses forced to close because of COVID, but as we’ve seen on multiple issues, Marjorie doesn’t let principle interfere with self-interest.

“If she has enough money to spend nearly $1 million to advance her own political ambitions, then she has enough to pay her employees, particularly in an industry that didn’t have to stop working during the lockdown.”

Despite the fact that Greene took a firm stand against additional emergency funds for businesses affected by government shutdowns, she gave a passionate defense of her company receiving the forgivable loans and called the question about her hypocrisy “appalling.”

“Marjorie spoke about the hardships faced by many businesses in the 14th District through no fault of their own, and John Cowan absolutely agrees with that,” Hogg said. “But Marjorie’s company wasn’t one of those facing hardships, she obviously doesn’t need the taxpayers to fund her payroll and she should give the money back to the people of this country.”