Cowan receives tidal wave of endorsements

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June 15, 2020


Cowan receives tidal wave of endorsements

Every elected official in 14th who has endorsed a candidate is behind conservative doctor


Dr. John Cowan today announced that more than 80 former 14th Congressional District candidates and local elected officials have endorsed their fellow northwest Georgian’s campaign for Congress in the GOP runoff. This includes nearly all of the districts’ state legislators plus sheriffs, county commissioners, mayors and city council members.

“I’m running for the 14th Congressional District seat because, for me, this is home,” Cowan said. “These dedicated public servants want what’s best for northwest Georgia. They know I will stand strong for the Trump agenda, stand up to China, defend our pro-life and pro-gun values, build the Wall and end the crazy, politically motivated investigations of our president. They also know I’m the only candidate in this race from northwest Georgia, the only one running to serve not grandstand, the only one who can bring good jobs and the only one with a medical background who can fix the broken healthcare system that is bankrupting our country.

“This list of local leaders shows I’m the homegrown candidate with local support. In contrast, my opponent isn’t endorsed by a single elected official in this district, in part, because she’s not from here. She’s from Fulton County and ran from the race in her own district because she knew she couldn’t win. She’s not a fighter; she’s a self-serving opportunist. Her endorsers, like her, are outsiders. When it comes to financial support, 3 percent of my donations come from outside the district; 96 percent of her donations come from outside the district. This seat belongs to us, the people who live here, not them.”

Three former Republican candidates for the 14th Congressional District quickly endorsed Cowan after the primary. Elected official endorsers include nine sheriffs, three state senators, eight state representatives and dozens of county and city officials.

“We have tremendous momentum with this support, and I’m incredibly grateful to all who have put their names on the dotted line to do what’s best for northwest Georgia. There’s a red wave forming in the 14th District, and it’s going to wash all the Greene back to Fulton County.”


Former 14th District Congressional Candidates

John Barge

Ben Bullock

Andy Gunther

Clayton Fuller


State Senators

Sen. Chuck Hufstetler

Sen. Jeff Mullis

Sen. Chuck Payne

Sen. Mike Dugan


State Representatives

Rep. Dewayne Hill

Rep. Eddie Lumsden

Rep. Matt Barton

Rep. Martin Momtahan

Rep. Joseph Gullett

Rep. Micah Gravley

Rep. Mitchell Scoggins

Rep. Kasey Carpenter



Steven Henry, Chairman of Commission

Jeff Long, Commissioner

Chuck Harris, Commissioner

Gary Sisk, Sheriff

Terry Crawford, Ringgold Mayor Pro-temp

Randall Franks, Ringgold City Council

Craig Crawford, Fort Oglethorpe City Council

Derek Rogers, Fort Oglethorpe City Council

Doug Woodruff, Catoosa State Court Solicitor

Don Dycus, Catoosa County School Board Member

Buzz Franklin, Lookout Mountain Circuit DA



Jason Winters, Sole Commissioner

Mark Schrader, Sheriff

Larry Stansell, Mayor of Trion

Lanny Thomas, Trion City Council

Mickey McGraw, Trion City Council

Jeff Wilson, Trion City Council

Don Harris, Trion City Council

David Gilleland, Trion Chief of Police

Buzz Franklin, Lookout Mountain Circuit DA



Ted Rumley, Chairman of Commission

Lamar Lowery, Commissioner

Robert Goff, Commissioner

Ray Cross, Sheriff

Monda Wooten, Trenton City Commission

Dr. Jan Harris, Dade County School Superintendent

Buzz Franklin, Lookout Mountain Circuit DA



Scotty Hancock, Chairman of Commission

Wright Bagby,  Vice-chair of Commission

Rhonda Wallace, Commissioner

Allison Waters, Commissioner

Tim Burkhalter, Sheriff

Leigh Patterson, Floyd County DA

Kevin Payne, Tax Commissioner

Melinda Jeffers, Floyd County Board of Education

Dr. Tony Daniel, Chairman of Floyd School Board

Jay Shell, Floyd School Board Member

Chip Hood, Floyd County School Board Member

Craig McDaniel, Rome Mayor Pro-Temp

Randy Quick, Rome City Commission

Jamie Doss, Rome City Commission

Jim Bojo, Rome City Commission

Mark Cochran, Rome City Commission

Jill Fisher, Rome City Board of Education Vice-chair



Becky Hood, Chairman of Commission

M.L. “Bud” Owens, Commissioner

Chad Steward, Vice-Chair of Commission

Bruce Potts Jr., Commissioner-elect

Mitch Ralston, Sheriff

Jimmie Palmer,  Mayor of Calhoun

Kacee Smith, Gordon School Board Member

Bobby Hall, Gordon School Board Vice-Chair

Rosemary Greene, Cherokee Circuit DA



David Tarpley, Commissioner

Jamie Brown, Commissioner

Josh Daniel, Commissioner-elect

Jack Browning, District Attorney



Gary Langford, Sheriff

Bert Poston, Consauga Circuit DA



Dave Carmichael, Chairman for the Board of Commissioners

Sandy Kaecher, Commissioner

Chuck Hart, Commissioner

Brian Stover, Commissioner

Gary Gulledge, Sheriff



Scotty Tillery, Commissioner

Chuck Thaxton, Commissioner

Johnny Moats, Sheriff

James Foster, Polk School Board Chairman

Chris Culver, Polk School Board Member

Jack Browning, District Attorney



Shannon Whitfield, Sole Commissioner

Steve Wilson, Sheriff

Matt Williamson, Walker State Court Solicitor

Teddy Harris, Mayor of Rossville

Hal Gray, Rossville City Council

Michael Hicks, Rossville City Council

Ray Crowder, Mayor of Chickamauga

Randal Dalton, Mayor Pro-Temp of Chickamauga

Damon Garrett, Chickamauga City Council

Evitte Parrish, Chickamauga City Council

Lee Miller, Chickamauga City Council

Don Martin, Chickamauga City Council

Andy Arnold, Mayor of Lafayette

Joe Massengale, Lafayette City Council

Chris Davis, Lafayette City Council

Wayne Swanson, Lafayette City Council

Judy Meeks, Lafayette City Council

Beachur Garmany, Lafayette City Council

David Bennett, Mayor of Lookout Mountain

Buzz Franklin, Lookout Mountain Circuit DA



David Pennington, Mayor of Dalton

Dr. Tim Scott, Dalton City School Superintendent

Bert Poston, Consauga Circuit DA


The above list of Cowan for Congress endorsements is as of Sunday, June 14. To be added to the list, please contact