Cowan will fight to protect Americans from socialized health care

Bernie Sanders is marching into the Democratic presidential nomination. With his plans to rip private health insurance away from millions of Americans and replace it with socialized medicine, the 14th District needs a doctor with plans to lower the costs of care to keep the patients – not the government – in charge of healthcare decisions.

“An explosion in costs has created a crisis for American healthcare. For many families, this is a matter of great stress, and for others, it’s life or death,” said Dr. John Cowan. “Socialist Bernie Sanders is seizing on the fears of sick Americans and their loved ones to push for a radical government takeover. As a doctor, I can tell you that Medicare for All would be a disaster for my patients and the American healthcare system as a whole.”

“Socialized health care is the camel’s nose under the tent for a full-blown socialist economy. We cannot just disagree with these radical policies – we must fight tooth and nail. We need conservative solutions to fix our healthcare system. That’s why the 14th needs a doctor in Congress, and that’s what why I decided to run.”

Cowan will work with President Donald Trump to implement the following conservative healthcare policy solutions:

Pass Tort Reform

Cowan will work to pass legislation that brings medical tort reform to prevent frivolous malpractice suits against medical practitioners. Tort reform at the federal level will lower insurance costs, enhance the quality of care and prevent rampant abuse of the legal system.

Support Open Insurance Markets

Americans should have the option to buy the insurance plan that works best for their family. An open insurance market would allow patients to buy plans across state lines, encouraging families to compare plans and shop for the best prices. In turn, this will drive competition in the industry.

Provide Insurance Portability

Americans should have the ability to own their own health care. Health insurance should belong to the person using it – not the company for which they work. Cowan will support legislation that will allow Americans and their families to retain their same health insurance coverage even when they change jobs.

Create Sustainable Programs

In Congress, Cowan will introduce legislation that would allow doctors to opt into a federal program that permits them to donate medical care with the incentive of a tax deduction if they choose to participate. This measure would take the economic burden off of patients in need while still rewarding physicians for providing high quality care.

“Every day in the operating room, I feel the gratification of seeing my work heal the sick, alleviate pain and restore patients to good health,” said Cowan. “But, in a time when radical ideas of socialized medicine are darkening our nation’s door, I feel my expertise can do the most good as I stand up for patients all across Georgia’s 14th District in Congress.”

Cowan is a neurosurgeon at the Harbin Clinic in Rome and provides care to approximately 400 neurosurgical patients across the region.