Greene lies even when the truth is obvious

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She either thinks voters are dumb or is so unhinged that she’s detached from reality

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Phony from Fulton, has decided to close out this campaign just as she started: with a string of lies so outrageous and idiotic that she must think the voters of northwest Georgia are dumb.

“There are many reasons to vote against Marjorie Greene, and her constant insults to our intelligence ranks high among them,” said Spencer Hogg, campaign manager for John Cowan. “We’ve all seen opportunistic politicians like Marjorie bend the truth. Marjorie instead just makes up wild allegations that have absolutely no relation to the truth.”

On Wednesday, Greene posted that John Cowan refused to condemn BLM and Antifa.

She said that Cowan wouldn’t stand up to defend our historic monuments.

She said she’s supported President Trump since “he came down the elevator.” She didn’t vote in the 2016 presidential primary. In fact, she’s NEVER voted in a GOP primary until her name was on the ballot.

She condemned companies that buy products from other countries. She and her husband drive matching $100,000 Land Rovers, made overseas. Greene Construction buys products from companies that manufacture goods such as shingles in China.

She bizarrely claimed that Cowan’s consultants worked for Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign. None did.

Greene’s slogan is “Stop Socialism.” But she admitted her company received $350,000 in PPP loans from the federal government this year, even though the construction industry is considered “essential” and was never closed. Since receiving that money she has put another $250,000 in pandemic stimulus money into her campaign to fund her political ambitions.

While she’s OK with her company reaping tax dollars, she’s not crazy about Georgia seniors getting what’s owed them. She called Social Security a “socialist program.”

Greene asserted in ads that Cowan is pro-choice and anti-gun.

“If you can’t trust a candidate to tell you the truth when the truth is obvious, you can’t trust anything she says,” Hogg said. “Greene’s unhinged behavior and bizarre lies are disqualifying.

“But Marjorie did get one thing right, when she said in 2019 that people shouldn’t run in districts where they don’t live, because voters don’t want ‘outsiders’ who are in it for themselves. Voters should remember that. And they should know that this ‘outsider’ and her husband are voting in Floyd County while still receiving a homestead exemption in Fulton County and drive FIVE vehicles that still have Fulton County tags. It’s time to send Atlanta Marjorie back home.”

“Vote for John Cowan, all of the conservative, with none of the ridiculous lies.”