Greene’s ads just the latest in a long string of crazy

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s reputation for saying crazy things is well documented. And with her hopes of winning fading two weeks from the election, she’s kicking it up a notch to sheer, breathtaking insanity.

“The more Marjorie spews her nonsense, the more endorsements and votes John Cowan gets,” said Spencer Hogg, Cowan’s campaign manager. “The fact is, she’s from Atlanta and thinks the people in northwest Georgia are dumb and will believe her wild accusations. It was laughable when she said in her ads that John was pro-abortion, pro-Obamacare and anti-gun. Now she’s gone completely cuckoo saying John somehow supports sex change operations for 10-year-olds. She’s either a pathological liar or in need of serious medical attention to address her disconnect from reality. We know she’s a sucker for conspiracy theories, but she’s nuts if she thinks voters are going to buy the wacky conspiracies she’s spinning about John.”

“John Cowan is Pro-life, Pro-gun and Pro-Trump, and it goes without saying he’ll never support sex change operations for kids. Voters are sick of this garbage, and the only way to stop it is to reject it at the ballot box.

“Northwest Georgians deserve a congressman who’s rock solid conservative, and they also need one who doesn’t insult their intelligence with screaming ads full of absurdities. Luckily, they have that option in John Cowan. He’ll give the 14th District all of the conservative, none of the embarrassment.”