Greene’s lies in ad contradict her own lawyers

Marjorie Taylor Greene has now released an ad that contradicts her own lawyer’s statements about her company’s refusal to use E-Verify.

In video released today, Greene says her company has “always” used E-Verify and has “never” hired an illegal immigrant worker.

“Uh, what? The over-the-top letters from her anti-First Amendment lawyers state plainly that Greene bought Taylor Construction in 2002 but refused to implement its use until 2010 — the year that company records show she left the company,” said Spencer Hogg, the manager of John Cowan’s campaign for Congress. “That’s not ‘always.’ To lie so brazenly with an assertion disproved by federal records and her own legal henchmen leaves us with no reason to believe she ‘never’ hired an illegal immigrant in her construction company. With 50-100 employees, in that industry in particular, it’s impossible to say never when she wasn’t using E-Verify.”

Greene’s lawyers said in a letter Thursday:

“Ms. Greene has been leading the company as its majority owner since 2002.  … On August 4, 2010, at a time when Marjorie Greene was in fact listed with the Secretary of State’s Office as CFO of her company, Taylor Commercial voluntarily enrolled in the E-Verify program.”

The letter goes on to further state explicitly that Greene didn’t ‘always’ use E-Verify: “You could have said,” her lawyer wrote, that “while serving as CFO of the company from 2007-August 3, 2010, the company chose not to enroll voluntarily into the E-Verify program.”

“THAT’S HER OWN LAWYER SAYING SHE ‘CHOSE’ NOT TO ENROLL,” said Hogg in caps to emphasize how utterly absurd this has become. 

Hogg pointed out that Greene’s company lagged far behind other Georgia companies when it came to implementing this important safeguard. Federal records show that more than 14,000 Georgia companies enrolled in E-Verify before Greene’s company and, importantly, more than 3,300 Georgia construction companies did.

“Marjorie Greene says that John Cowan doesn’t use E-Verify for his small toy business that has two 1099 contractors, not employees,” said Hogg. “To compare that to a construction company with more than 50 employees is laughable. And you can trust us on that: That’s why we didn’t point out that she never used E-Verify at her CrossFit business, but will state the obvious now that it’s another example of her lying when she says ‘always.’”