Greene’s lies on Antifa insult voters’ intelligence

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Greene’s lies on Antifa insult voters’ intelligence

Out-of-towner Marjorie Greene obviously thinks we’re dumb, 14th District resident and Republican candidate John Cowan said today after the Greene released a video that stated Cowan had “remained silent” on Antifa’s violence.

“To brazenly lie is disqualifying,” Cowan said, “but to tell a lie that’s so easy to disprove insults the intelligence of voters in this district. In northwest Georgia, a person’s word is their bond. In Marjorie Greene’s defense, she’s not from here, so she wouldn’t know. If she will lie when my record is so clear, how can we trust anything Marjorie says?

“In a crowded primary, Marjorie’s lies went unanswered,” said Cowan. “That ends now. Let’s cut through the bull: I announced my support of the President’s action to designate Antifa as a terrorist organization weeks ago and warned Antifa thugs about coming to our communities on Day 1 of the riots in Georgia.”

The following are social media posts by Cowan dated long before Greene’s latest showboating video appeared:

Nine sheriffs and one police chief from the 14th District have endorsed Cowan because of his strong support for law enforcement. Greene has received zero endorsements from elected officials in the district.

“It’s laughable – and tells you all you need to know about Marjorie Greene – that she thinks our region’s most prominent law enforcement officials would back a candidate who’s ‘weak-kneed’ on law and order. As a reserve deputy in Floyd County, this is personal to me. Anybody who knows me knows that I’m 100% behind our brave law enforcement officers. If Antifa came out to our streets, I would be activated to protect northwest Georgians, their families and our businesses while Marjorie would be running back home to Fulton County. She has a history of abandoning one district for another when things get tough.

“No one will ever have to question where I stand when it comes to the safety of our communities in the 14th District. You have my word as a native northwest Georgian to always put the protection of our businesses and our way of life first in Congress.”

The runoff election for the 14th Congressional District is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 11. For more information on Cowan, please visit