John Cowan’s Conservative Priorities

John is the conservative servant leader we need in Washington! He will use his experience and expertise in Congress to find solutions for our healthcare crisis, enhance border security, end the liberal assault on our Second Amendment rights and protect pro-life values.

Stand with President Trump

As a lifelong conservative, John stands with President Trump and will support his plan to Keep America Great. In Congress, John will work alongside President Trump to strengthen border security, fight for pro-life values and stop the liberal assault on our Second Amendment rights. John will always stand up and defeat the socialists who wish to end private healthcare and ruin a prosperous economy.

Protect our Neighborhoods

John stands with President Trump to end illegal immigration, including finishing the wall on the southern border. In Congress, John will support legislation to immediately deport dangerous illegal immigrants and strongly crack down on gang violence. John has been endorsed by numerous sheriffs across northwest Georgia and will work with state and local public safety officials to protect our communities and keep our families safe.

Defend our Second Amendment Rights

Liberals in Washington are chomping at the bit to take away guns from law-abiding citizens. John will oppose unconstitutional “red flag” laws that work to confiscate individuals’ guns. He will work to pass legislation like the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act to make it easier for law-abiding citizens to carry firearms across state lines. John will always defend our Second Amendment rights, and he will always stand up to those who want to infringe on our right to bear arms.

Continue Building our Strong Economy

As a small business owner, John knows how to balance a budget, create jobs and meet payroll. In Washington, he will work with President Trump to invest in our economy and keep our communities prospering by lowering taxes and cutting burdensome regulations. John will always put American priorities first to ensure growth and prosperity in northwest Georgia.

Fix our Healthcare System

The number of doctors in Congress is dwindling, and we need their expertise to find solutions for our healthcare system. As a physician, John has the experience and skills to fix our nation’s healthcare crisis. He works with patients every day and sees the issues they face firsthand, including covering costs and following changing networks. John will use his experience and knowledge of the industry to improve healthcare delivery, lower costs and deliver results for the people of Georgia.