Like Antifa, Greene no fan of First Amendment

Embarrassing candidate from outside the district adopts cancel culture tactics, threatens to sue voter
Marjorie Taylor Greene this week continued her pattern of bullying, threatening and seeking to silence 14th District voters by threatening to sue not only the Cowan for Congress campaign but also a volunteer for simply sharing a campaign post on Facebook.
“Sadly, at a time where First Amendment rights are under siege on a variety of online platforms, you are now directly threatening not only Cowan for Congress, but its ‘employees and volunteers’ and — even more shockingly — ‘any other supporters who republish these materials,’” Cowan for Congress attorney Bryan Tyson wrote in response to Greene’s lawyers. “This attack on the First Amendment rights of supporters of an opposing candidate’s campaign shows Ms. Greene’s apparent endorsement of the ‘cancel culture’ now running rampant in many institutions. And it shows Ms. Greene’s complete unwillingness to have her record at Taylor Commercial, which she has made a centerpiece of her claimed qualifications to sit in Congress, scrutinized in any way.”
Greene’s legal henchmen sent a letter threatening to sue a Cowan supporter for sharing a post that even those attorneys admit is factually accurate.
“Marjorie Taylor Greene has demonstrated repeatedly that she’s temperamentally unfit to represent this district in Congress, and her embrace of the Left’s cancel culture tactics disqualifies her with the First Amendment-loving conservatives in the 14th District,” said Spencer Hogg, the Cowan campaign manager.
The potential lawsuit against a campaign volunteer is the merely the latest example of Greene’s aggression toward voters who don’t support her campaign.
“We had one supporter who recently received a threatening voicemail from Marjorie Greene telling her to ‘check herself’ after the supporter shared a post that gave first-hand accounts of Marjorie’s character,” Hogg said. “And she’s continuously gone on Facebook to issue personal attacks against supporters of other campaigns, calling them ‘liars’ and other slurs.
“We know she won’t stop. We know this is who she is, and she can’t help it. We’re speaking out because voters need to know the truth about Marjorie Taylor Greene, and it looks a lot like what we’d expect from Antifa or the Marxists of Black Lives Matter.
“She has no business representing our — not hers, she doesn’t live here — district. Voters have an alternative who’s an arch-conservative and staunch Trump supporter. He’ll give us all of the conservative, none of the embarrassment.”