New ad: Greene tries to silence voters

In a new Cowan for Congress TV ad, supporter Mickey Tuck tells voters that Greene had Atlanta lawyers send him a threat to sue him for his political posts on Facebook.

“Our freedom of speech is under attack by those who try to silence us,” says northwest Georgia GOP activist Mickey Tuck. “Records prove that when Marjorie Greene led her construction company, she did not participate in the E-Verify program designed to stop illegal immigration. Sadly, she’s lying about it.

“Worse, Marjorie threatened  and harassed me through her lawyers. I will not be silenced by Marjorie Greene’s bullying  tactics. She will not suppress our free speech.”

Tuck’s experience is just one example of the threats and bullying tactics that Greene has deployed during the campaign against those she seeks to represent.

“Marjorie Greene has adopted the Cancel Culture tactics of the Far Left,” said Spencer Hogg, Cowan’s campaign manager. “She bullies, she threatens, she seeks to silence those who disagree with her. She has zero respect for others’ First Amendment rights.

“That may fly where she lives in Atlanta, but it’s not how we do things in northwest Georgia. With John Cowan, voters have the option for a true hometown candidate who has devoted his life to serving his community. He’ll fight for our values tooth and nail. Cowan provides all the conservative, none of the embarrassment.”