Sen. Hufstetler endorses Cowan for Congress

State Sen. Chuck Hufstetler (R-Rome) announced today that he’s endorsed John Cowan for Congress.

“All of us in northwest Georgia’s healthcare know and respect John’s brilliant work as a neurosurgeon and the passion he brings to patient care,” Hufstetler said. “John is one of those people who doesn’t do anything halfway. The work ethic and focus that he brings to the operating room he will channel into representing our interests and our conservative values in Congress. The doctor is in and it’s time to make a House call.

“All of the candidates running for this seat are conservatives and strong supporters of President Trump, but what sets John apart, to me, is that he’ll take much needed healthcare policy expertise to Congress. The healthcare access crisis in this country hurts families across this district and the country. There are few healthcare professionals left in Congress today, and John will be able to contribute to those vital issues on Day One.”

Hufstetler has served the 52nd District in the Georgia Senate since 2013. The district includes all of Floyd County and parts of Bartow and Chattooga counties.

“I want to thank the senator for his leadership on healthcare policy in Georgia and his work to increase patient access to high-quality care,” Cowan said. “Like Sen. Hufstetler, I see firsthand the problems with our healthcare policy every day in practice. The values Americans hold dear are imperiled by our nation’s unsustainable healthcare spending. We spend more on healthcare than any developed nation, yet have declining life expectancy and worse health. As a physician, I will work to fix our broken healthcare system in Congress.”

The Republican primary for the 14th Congressional District race is May 19.